S-Video out with radeon with 'Flyback Lines' showing on the TV

uebershark at googlemail.com uebershark at googlemail.com
Mon May 17 06:16:36 PDT 2010

> Make sure you are using the right video standard and a recent ddx for
> ums or kernel for kms.  Modelines are irrelevant for tv-out since the
> driver uses a hard coded modeline regardless of what the user
> specifies.
> Alex

I run arch linux, and use the 'git' packages from aur. My current
build is from the fourth of may.
I have kms enables, using the gallium enabled mesa path stuff...

Where in the driver is this hard coded at? And what exactly do you
mean with 'hard coded'. I mean, to what level does this reflect back
to xrandr and the settings done from there? As far as my theory goes,
the driver must be 'doing something to fast' or to slow, for these
lines to show up.(my knowledge of electronics isn't all to
comprehensive though..)

xrandr now shows me "640x480        50.2     59.9" with the modeline
from windows, before it only gave me the 59.9 rate.

Thanks for any help!


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