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--- Comment #54 from DEMAINE Benoit-Pierre <benoit at demaine.info> 2010-06-30 06:44:41 PDT ---
X 1.5 dropped the multicard support; we had to wait over a year before having
it back. <<break first, and see what happen later when the users complains>> is
a mentality i will *NEVER* make mine.

Especially, most maintainers I have met since that time all said me very stupid
things, such as "oh, Matrox stuff is old and crap"; but the bug was the same
for Nvidia; and, the same again with ATI cards.

- <<you must have SRV>>, but it breaks my box
- << you *must* use nomodeset>>, but Arch and Xinerama can work even when FB is
- <<update to X 1.7 and will work like a charm>>; 1.8 still bugs
- <<you must use this FB Driver>>, changes nothing
- <<all your issues are because you have fglrx driver installed, remove it and
it will work>>; removed it, still not working ...
- <<try this distro>> (3 times) ... Archlinux was fun to install, but, building
their Xen kernel is not a peace of joke ...
- << build any non Xen kernel, it will work straight>> ... build 3, no result.

And, when i ask: which symbole do you want me to add or remove from my kernel ?
no answer.

I have been given dozens of peaces of advice; no-one really knew what they were
speaking about.

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