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--- Comment #39 from DEMAINE Benoit-Pierre <benoit at demaine.info> 2010-06-08 18:24:40 PDT ---
> kernel without the xen patches

The initial report was done with a non XEN kernel: compile uranus-1-16.

The z01/z02 configurations are using uranus-1-15 which have XEN enabled with
HVM support for dom0.

I really don't understand what you talk about: compile 15 has all possible XEN
features activated. If you have questions about how I compile my kernel, what's
wrong with kernel config files I provided ?

compile 16 have been done for IRC people who wanted me to try to repro on XEN
disabled configuration. The initial report complains about radeon driver not
being able to get to work, even with a non xen kernel (there, you are right, I
was using the standard gentoo xen-source package with XEN disabled; but this is
specific to build 16).

In short, i can get two monitors on same card work with and without xen, and I
get bugs even without xen when I try to activate a second card ...

But, really, that day, I did 80 reboots in 12h, so, the exact detail of what I
did each time faded away.

> According to the Gentoo wiki you only need the firmware for kernel >=2.6.33
(that was in the link I posted earlier)

When xen-source-2.6.33 is available.
http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=307123 . 3 months I am waiting.

> I thought we were trying to get KMS working

tell me what to do.

> You really make sure that modesetting isn't used?

I gave dmesg for all 3 problems. 

> Have you searched the Gentoo wiki on how to enable modesetting?

#gentoo told me to use nomodeset
#radeon told me to use radeon.modeset=1

YOU tell me what you want, and I create a new grub entry for you.

> Have you searched the Gentoo wiki on how to enable modesetting?

you know, on the same official wiki, I can find sometimes 2 pages saying
contradictory statements; sometimes even in the same page. I am having lots of
way to produce many different bugs, and they vary with very fine /etc
adjustements. I have tried every things wikis and forums say. Now, I report a
bug. I am having a probme with X since over 16 months;
 clearly told me three times that this bug can not be fixed at Gentoo level.
Now, it's Xorg team turn to try t fix it.

> try to search the wiki on how to disable/blacklist drivers.

It's too late. and, nomodeset/radeon.modeset=1 can do it at kernel level. And,
if some symbol bores you in my conf, just ask me to rebuild after removing some
driver from kernel ... and I would create a kernel just for you with a second
grub entry with your name (and the kernel name will be uranus-1-17 ).

> This is distribution specific how you can do this.

z02 logs were generated after installing the firmare and rebooting; if the
firmwre could make any diference, you should see it in logs.

I have also 3 debian testing (as dom0), but I fear they may not help at all.

> it supports KMS out of the box

both kconfig I provided show some KMS symbol; what's wrong with them ?

> there is a package in AUR (Arch user repository) with a 2.6.34 kernel with

so you want me to install Arch just to test X ? if I find a free partition ...
(i have already installed Windows just to proove Xorg bugs; why not a 7th
Linux) Tell me by advance:
- kernel exact version to use
- boot options to alter
- xorg.conf to use

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