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--- Comment #38 from Martin Stolpe <martinstolpe at gmail.com> 2010-06-07 23:51:28 PDT ---
I have no idea what you're doing. I guess you're going to tell me that I didn't
read you log files completely (and you would be right), or haven't read all the
postings of this bug report (and you would be right again).

But here's what I read so far:
"Linux version 2.6.32-xen-r1-Gentoo-uranus-1-15"
It still seems to be kernel 2.6.32 with xen patches. I have no idea how the
kernel build process works in Gentoo and if you just left the name as it was
before but compiled the kernel without the xen patches.

According to the Gentoo wiki you only need the firmware for kernel >=2.6.33
(that was in the link I posted earlier)

I thought we were trying to get KMS working: "[drm] VGACON disable radeon
kernel modesetting."

You really make sure that modesetting isn't used?:
"vga=794 video=1280x1024 vgaa_=normal nomodeset"
Why don't you just copy that line, then comment out the first line and do the
changes in the second line? Have you searched the Gentoo wiki on how to enable
modesetting? If Gentoo wants to load framebuffer driver, try to search the wiki
on how to disable/blacklist drivers.

I have compiled these two driver into my initial ramdisk: radeon, fbcon
This is distribution specific how you can do this.

I'm using Archlinux, so I'm making a little advertisement here:
 -it supports KMS out of the box
 -there is a package in AUR (Arch user repository) with a 2.6.34 kernel with
No promises that it will work though. This decision is up to you if you want to
spent more time on trying to get Gentoo with KMS to work, or if you want to
spent time trying out another distro without you knowing if it will be worth
the trouble...

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