Quest for a dual with independent desktops

Nate Bargmann n0nb at
Sat Dec 18 13:55:08 PST 2010

Hi all.

I've used the radeon driver on a variety of machines and ATI boards over
the years and they work very well for me.  Thank you very much for the
fine work.

I would like to know what features I should look for on a Radeon based
video card so that I can have two separate desktops on each of two
monitors.  I currently have a PCIE based Radeon card on my main monitor
and a USB based VGA adapter for my second monitor.  As you might expect
the USB adapter is quite slow and it slows both desktops when it gets
used by a video intensive application (amateur radio related).  Using
Ubuntu 10.10 I get the independent desktops I desire in Gnome.

Are there Radeon cards with independent chipsets and dual monitor
outputs available and is the radeon Xorg driver capable of giving me 
independent desktops on each monitor?  The card needs to be for PCIE 
as well.

BTW, I know about Xrandr desktop extension and display cloning and I'm
not looking for either feature.


- Nate >>


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