crash with git version of r600 gallium (ut2004)

Gwendal Le Guevel gwendalleguevel at
Fri Dec 17 09:05:59 PST 2010


finaly with git version of libdrm I haven't the problem. I was be able to
play a level.

I thought use the git version of lidrm to build mesa and gallium drivers.
But this was not the case.

So I have a question, why in mesa config, the libdrm include are hard coded
(/usr/include/libdrm) and don't use prefix ?

Actualy when I build git version of drm, mesa and xf86-video-ati with a the
same prefix (/opt/myfolder) mesa don't use the folder
/opt/myfolder/include/libdrm to build drivers.

Thank you


2010/12/16 Gwendal Le Guevel <gwendalleguevel at>

> Hello,
> / My life
> I'm try to follow the dev of r600 drivers gallium and dri, for some time.
> I'm Happy to the progress of driver (kms, 3D performances, ...).
> Even if I would like it growing faster. ;)
> / End my life
> With the git version I have a crash when i try to launch a map in ut2004.
> Failed to allocate :
>    size      : 321003520 bytes
>    alignment : 4096 bytes
> Signal: SIGSEGV [segmentation fault]
> Aborting.
> Crash information will be saved to your logfile.
> Size of allocation depends of the maps launched.
> Some time i haven't crash. But, in this case the loading is very long and
> game is unplayable (one frame every 10 seconds or more).
> If i revert this submit
> i
> recover the previous performance.
> I have try to launch the game with gdb attach (with kdevelop) but I haven't
> be able to put the focus on other windows than ut2004 window. (I'm not
> familiar with dev and debug on linux)
> <>
>  Environment of test :
>  - Laptop with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730
>  - Ubuntu 10.10
>  - kernel build by myself
>  - mesa/drm from git HEAD
>  - mesa from git HEAD (with r600 gallium drivers activated)
>  - xf86-video-ati from git HEAD
> I'm avaliable to make more test if you explain me what you want i do.
> Thank you.
> Gwendal
> PS: Sorry for my approximate English
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