ForceTVOut option in KMS

Sergej Pupykin ml at
Sat Dec 4 02:59:18 PST 2010


how can I force TV-out on in KMS?
As I understand
 >> Option "ForceTVOut" "true"
makes no sense if KMS enabled.


xrandr --output DIN --set 'load detection' 1
xrandr --output DIN --set 'load detection' 0

do not help as well as

xrandr --output DIN --mode ....

xrandr always prints

DIN disconnected 1024x768+1280+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y 
axis) 0mm x 0mm
    1024x768_60.00   59.9*+

(I have

         Option "TVDACLoadDetect" "false"
         Option "TVStandard" "pal"
         Option "ATOMTvOut" "true"
         Option "ForceTVOut" "true"

in xorg.conf and these options works fine in UMS)

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