KMS Textured Video

James Cloos cloos at
Tue Sep 1 03:52:57 PDT 2009

>>>>> "Alex" == Alex Deucher <alexdeucher at> writes:

>> The XVideo corruption also occurs w/o KMS if I specify the textured video

Alex> It's fixed now:

Cool.  I'll give that at try later today.

>> OTOH, given that textured video on r100 is pretty pathetic, the real
>> fix would be to add overlay video support to KMS.

Alex> What's the problem with textured video?  It should perform as well
Alex> or better than the overlay without all the limitations.

It is not a question of performace but of features.

The overlay supports 8 formats and 22 attributes (more on hw which has a
tuner) whereas the textured video supports 4 formats and only a single

Given the tables in radeon_textured_video.c, I'd say r300 is the minimum
prefered hw for textured video support and r200 is the minimum useful hw.

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