[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-ati 6.12.0

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 16:35:24 PDT 2009

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Big changes here are EXA and Xv support for
R6xx/R7xx chips.  Requires an updated drm.
Other than that, mostly bug fixes.

Adam Jackson (3):
      output: Allow for multiple DisplayPort outputs.
      Add some more cases to the DVI single-link checks.
      uniphy: start adding DisplayPort setup

Alex Deucher (81):
      Initial R6xx/R7xx EXA and textured video support
      Allow rotation on r6xx/r7xx
      EXA: fix and re-enable Solid() on R7xx
      r6xx/r7xx EXA: cleanup overlapping copy
      R6xx/R7xx EXA: improve overlapping copy performance
      r6xx/r7xx EXA: fix corruption when doing sw access
      Revert "R6xx/R7xx EXA: improve overlapping copy performance"
      R6xx/R7xx EXA: add accelerated UTS/DFS hooks
      Revert "r6xx/r7xx EXA: Optimize overlapping copy"
      R6xx/R7xx EXA: fallback on overlapping blits for now
      R6xx/R7xx EXA: Fix typo in DFS
      R6xx/R7xx Xv: fix typos in cache flushing commands
      R6xx/R7xx UTS: move actual upload to separate function
      R6xx/R7xx Xv: implement native shader for planar formats
      R6xx/R7xx Xv: add accelerated uploads for planar formats
      R6xx/R7xx Xv: fix cache flush buffer size for planar
      R6xx/R7xx: Add checks to make sure we don't overrun VB space
      R6xx/R7xx Xv: Add native support for packed formats
      R6xx/R7xx Xv: add support for packed uploads
      adjust alignment
      R6xx/R7xx: Move engine idle to sync functions
      R6xx/R7xx: be more verbose about what function ran out of VB space
      R6xx/R7xx: handle running out of vertex buffer space
      R6xx/R7xx Xv: switch packed over to Yang's new shader code
      Revert "R6xx/R7xx: handle running out of vertex buffer space"
      R6xx/R7xx EXA: properly handle non repeat cases in the texture setup
      R6xx/R7xx EXA: handle running out of vertex space in the copy path
      R6xx/R7xx: switch to drm for wait for idle
      R6xx/R7xx EXA: switch to surface sync packet
      Bump version post release
      R6xx/R7xx: fixup accel paths
      R6xx/R7xx: reset 3D state after VT switch
      R6xx/R7xx EXA/Xv: properly deal with running out of vertex buffer space
      R6xx/R7xx Xv: fix some missing bits from last commit
      R6xx/R7xx: wait for MC idle when changing the MC
      Fix MC setup on systems with more than 512 MB of VRAM
      R6xx/R7xx: fix up a few more paths
      radeon: one more 32 -> 64 just to be safe
      Don't write new HDP location until we've written the new FB location
      RBBM_GUICNTL is pre-r6xx only
      R6xx/R7xx: add wait for idle MMIO path
      RS600: fix up MC setup
      radeon: re-enable load detection output attribute for TV/CV
      RS600: fix MC addr mask
      R6xx/R7xx EXA: Optimize temp surface for overlapping copies
      R6xx/R7xx EXA: init copy_area to NULL
      R6xx/R7xx EXA: same surface and same coords equals nop
      RS600: enable the DRI by default
      R6xx/R7xx: use shadowfb if DRI is disabled
      DCE3.2: fix up Save()/Restore()
      R300: Add AGP quirk
      Print a message when we have a shared DDC line
      R6xx/R7xx: switch emit functions to macros
      R6xx/R7xx: write vertexes directly to the IB
      R6xx/R7xx: code cleanups
      R6xx/R7xx Xv: combine packed and planar shaders
      R6xx/R7xx EXA: combine composite mask/non-mask VS
      R6xx/R7xx EXA: cleanup composite texture setup
      R6xx/r7xx: remove some unneeded code I missed in the last commit
      Rotation: don't rotate if acceleration is not active
      AVIVO: add aspect scaling mode
      radeon: adjust LVDS so that default modes get added
      Revert "radeon: adjust LVDS so that default modes get added"
      radeon: just add some common modes for LVDS
      ATOM: don't use fixed ref div for LVDS
      RN50: fix up cloning on servers
      R6xx/R7xx: disable XV_BICUBIC attribute
      R6xx/R7xx: wire up DMAForXv option like older asics
      radeon: add a few more default common modes for lvds
      AVIVO: fix panning
      R6xx/r7xx: clarify EXA message
      R4xx: add R4xxATOM option
      radeon: clean more thoroughly in RADEONFreeRec()
      RS600: fix page table size for rs600 as well
      R6xx/r7xx: clarify accel messages
      R6xx/R7xx: return in RADEONWaitForIdleMMIO() if accel is off
      R6xx/R7xx: fix up vline stuff along the lines of previous chips
      R6xx/R7xx: EXA VSync Option not supported yet
      radeon: add support for 30 bit LUTs
      radeon: man page updates
      bump for release

Bryce Harrington (1):
      Quirk for RV280 on 82865G/PE/P DRAM Controller/Host-Hub

Christian Koenig (1):
      R6xx/R7xx: move shaders to r600_shader.c and fixup Xv PS

Cooper Yuan (1):
      radeon: save bios scratch registers in Preinit()

Dave Airlie (3):
      r600: enable DRI by default
      r600: fix sizing of PCI GART table for r600
      r600: reload shaders into VRAM on resume

Mark van Doesburg (1):
      R6xx/R7xx EXA: use a temp surface for overlapping copy

Michel Dänzer (6):
      Fix compile warning when building without EXA.
      Only call RADEONWaitForVLine if it might actually do anything useful.
      EXA: Pass pScrn and info into RadeonCompositeTile.
      EXA: Adapt to EXA changes in xserver Git.
      Revert "EXA: Adapt to EXA changes in xserver Git."
      EXA: Make sure Prepare/FinishAccess hooks can handle

Pierre Ossman (2):
      Fix bad range adjustment in VLINE code.
      Xv vsync support on r6xx/r7xx cards.

Tormod Volden (3):
      Janitor: cosmetic clean-up of AGPMode quirk table
      M9+: Add AGP quirk for Sony Vaio
      RV350: Add AGPMode quirk for Thinkpad

Yang Zhao (5):
      r6xx/r7xx EXA: Optimize overlapping copy
      R6xx/R7xx EXA: Optimize overlapping copy
      R6xx/R7xx Xv: Planar - Properly scale Y'CbCr values before
converting to RGB
      R6xx/R7xx EXA: Further optimizations to overlapping copy
      R6xx/R7xx shader: Fix OFFSET_[XYZ] macro for TEX_DWORD2 to accept floats

root (2):
      atom: Enable DisplayPort source to DVI/HDMI sink
      output: Filter out dual-link modes from DP->DVI connections

오유연(Yu-yeon Oh) (1):
      radeon_driver.c small memory bug

git tag: xf86-video-ati-6.12.0

MD5: 540b25842f8e09164cf4d2376995dc68  xf86-video-ati-6.12.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: 40d3303c9db718b1ca3ffbd16ead6b8fac28561f  xf86-video-ati-6.12.0.tar.bz2

MD5: 7acdd365f5de5ba4c6dc0c04ffd02a52  xf86-video-ati-6.12.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 7cdb553a6eb931175cf2d8c299a4e5378b959d09  xf86-video-ati-6.12.0.tar.gz

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