ati and 2 monitors with 2 different resolutions : is it possible ?

Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at
Mon Jan 5 11:59:49 PST 2009

2009/1/5 giggz <giggzounet at>:
> I'm trying to have dis-similar modes on each head (1400x1050 on one,
> 1024x768 on the other) in clone mode...but it doesn't work.
> I have my main screen (LVDS) in 1400x1050 and my second (VGA) in
> 1024x768. But on the VGA one, I don't have my complete desktop, just a
> part of it (a rectangle, which its size is 1024x768 of the complete
> image (1400x1050)).
> Which changes must I do ? changes in xorg.conf ? or just through xrandr ?

One of solution is displaying on your VGA whole 1400x1050 scaled to
1024x768 (picture will be little "weird" but you will see everything
at least). I use this to display 1920x1080 on both: my TV (1920x1080)
and LCD (1600x900). However I don't know how to add such a mode to
xrandr manually. It's just available for me out of box (xrandr
--output PANEL --mode 1920x1080Scaled).

If I get idea of Randr 1.3 and padding right, this will be other
solution when we will get Xorg server 1.6 released.

Rafał Miłecki

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