TVout PPC Macmini

Nick Ashman nick.ashman at
Fri Oct 24 02:19:26 PDT 2008

Hi everyone,

I've been trying on and off for some time to get pal tvout through the 
s-video adaptor of my ppc macmini running Gentoo linux.

Kernel:                  2.6.23
xf86-video-ati:       6.8.0
xorg-server:           1.5.1
xrandr:                   1.2.3

I can now get a picture on the tv but only by the following procedure:
I must start the mac with a lcd monitor plugged to the dvi connector. X 
starts and switches to 800x600 automatically and presents a login 
screen. If I then unplug the monitor and plug in the s-video adaptor I 
get an ok picture on the tv.  If I start the mac with the s-video 
adaptor connected from the start I only get snow on the tv.  If I unplug 
the adaptor and plug in the monitor there is no picture on the monitor.  
I want to use the mac as a HTPC so it's not going to do the job unless 
it can boot and present a login screen on the tv.

When started with the monitor attached the following line is in the log:
Output: DVI-0, Detected Monitor Type: 3

When started with the s-video adaptor attached the line is:
Output: DVI-0, Detected Monitor Type: 1

The options of interest from xorg.conf are:
Option    IgnoreEDID   "True"
Option   DDCMode      "False"
Option   ForceTVOut   "True"
Option   TVStandard   "pal"

I've pretty much tried all combinations of driver options in xorg.conf 
that look relevant without any effect on the problem.  Has anyone been 
able to get tvout on a PPC macmini or know how to overcome this problem.

Thanks in advance

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