ATI XV Output Patch

Michel Dänzer michel at
Fri Oct 24 00:25:08 PDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-10-24 at 04:34 +0200, Esben Stien wrote:
> I've pulled GIT xf86-video-ati for some months now and I always have
> to apply this patch:
> diff --git a/src/radeon_video.c b/src/radeon_video.c
> index ac60166..c400468 100644
> --- a/src/radeon_video.c
> +++ b/src/radeon_video.c
> @@ -1597,5 +1597,8 @@ skip_theatre:
>  static XF86VideoAdaptorPtr
>  RADEONSetupImageVideo(ScreenPtr pScreen)
>  {
> +    // Disable this Xv adaptor
> +    return NULL;
> +
>      ScrnInfoPtr pScrn = xf86Screens[pScreen->myNum];
>      RADEONPortPrivPtr pPriv;
>      XF86VideoAdaptorPtr adapt;
> Without it, I can't watch videos with xv output. Any reason this issue
> is not getting fixed?

Maybe because you didn't report it? We can't fix things we don't know

BTW, the dri-devel list isn't the best place to discuss this; there's a
xorg-driver-ati list dedicated to xf86-video-ati discussion, moving

So, it sounds like XVideo is broken for you using the overlay but works
using the textured adaptor. What exactly are the symptoms without this
patch? E.g., does the video player application fail/crash, or does the
video content just display incorrectly, ...?

As with any X server/driver issue, please provide the full xorg.conf and
Xorg.0.log files.

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