Bug#466526: xorg starts with an oversized xrandr screen

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Wed Mar 26 07:38:19 PDT 2008

Hi Brice,

Brice Goglin wrote:
> Andreas Beckmann wrote:
>> Package: xorg
>> Version: 1:7.3+10
>> Severity: normal
>> Hi,
>> if xorg detects a second monitor connected, it starts up with a virtual
>> screen larger than what I set in xorg.conf.
>> (X700, laptop 1680x1050 right-of flat panel @ vga port 1600x1200)
>> Output of xrandr after startup, note that current is larger than maximum:
> Is it the same if you try to put the LVDS on the left on the VGA monitor?

No, in this case it seems to work fine.
But the original bug is still reproducible in the VGA-leftof-LVDS setup
with the latest xserver-xorg-video-ati from experimental.

> What if you remove the xorg.conf Right-Of stuff and just call xrandr?
> You never get the "oversized" screen right? (I just want to be sure that
> only the xorg.conf stuff is broken, and that runtime xrandr changes are ok).

It starts with an 1680x1200 screen (which does not fit on any of the
connected screens) and then I have no idea how I could trick xrandr to
invalid-resize the screen. Running xrandr gives a correct dual head
setup (provided there is a sufficient Screen/Display/Virtual setting,
e.g. '3280 1200', otherwise resizing fails with an explanatory error

But there is a new bug:
If there is no LeftOf/RightOf setting in xorg.conf and I use xrandr to
setup one (or I use xrandr to switch the setting from xorg.conf to the
opposite layout) the following happens:
maximizing a window does not maximize it to the size of the current
subscreen (either LVDS or VGA-0) but to either
  total-width-of-virtual-screen x height-of-current-subscreen
i.e. spanning both subscreens (no LeftOf/RightOf in xorg.conf) or
i.e. does not look maximized (RightOf in xorg.conf switched to LeftOf
with xrandr)
Should I report this as a separate bug? I can make screenshots etc.

> Make sure you try the latest xserver-xorg-video-ati from experimental
> and xserver-xorg-core from unstable. If they don't help, I will forward
> this bug upstream.

Above tests were done with these versions:

ii  xserver-xorg-video-ati              1:6.8.1~git20080320.5e3b2128-1
ii  xserver-xorg-core                   2:1.4.1~git20080131-2


PS: something I didn't test: The LeftOf/RightOf setting in xorg.conf can
be done for both LVDS and VGA-0, I only tested it with VGA-0.

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