[Bug 12626] Interlaced modes broken in latest git

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--- Comment #42 from Andy Burns <freedesktopbugz at adslpipe.co.uk>  2008-03-19 08:27:22 PST ---
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> you can try an interlaced mode (like 1024x768i) on a monitor? 

Connected a CRT and used the "industry standard" modeline

ModeLine "1024x768" 44.9 1024 1032 1208 1264 768 768 776 817 +hsync +vsync

Unfortunately, the output is not correct.

Only the top half of the screen is displayed, stretched to fill the whole
screen, the individual scanlines are quite widely separated, the monitor seems
able to lock on to the "double frequency" sync pulse better than the TV, as
you'd expect from a multisync device I suppose, so there isn't a black sync bar
visible on screen.

Monitor OSD reports frequencies as horizontal 35kHz, vertical 174Hz

> I don't have a TV to test you PAL modes on.  Perhaps
> forcing a lower min clock would help?

The 13MHz clock has worked with all previous drivers for more than 2 years, but
I will certainly try forcing it even lower.

Config/Log files required for the 1024x768i test?

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