[Bug 12626] Interlaced modes broken in latest git

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--- Comment #37 from DualIP <adrian.bacon at xs4all.nl>  2008-03-19 06:05:24 PST ---
I'm glad finally a coder looks into this, and patched code surfaces.
Although the recent posted patch will work for most users, imho it's not a
proper patch.

Over here I didn't use git,but applied the patch to 6.8.0 source.
On my radeon7000 setup, the patch works fine when starting xorg into this mode:
Modeline "PALWS" 24.75 1280 1321 1437 1584 576 580 585 625 -hsync -vsync
However I do have an additional PAL modeline in xorg.conf:
Modeline "PAL" 22.50 1152 1195 1301 1440 576 580 583 625 -hsync -vsync
Using xrandr to switch from using the 1st modeline to 2nd gives wrong PAL
output! The screen OSD reads 15k-below30Hz, where it should shoud 15k-50Hz.
This mode suggest Vregisters are set to twice required value

It seems to me that somewhere a bug is introduced after V6.6.3, that somehow
halves the Vregister settings on interlace mode. 
On my radeon 7000, this bug only shows up when starting an interlaced mode, not
after switching from an interlaced mode to another interlaced mode.
(that was my workaround, start interlaced, then jump to another interlaced

"Hey, this pipe line is leaking half of the oil!"
"Then start pumping twice as much to get the required output."
Obvious that'll give required output , but (as environmentalists will agree)
isn't the way to fix it ;-)

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