DVI on X1250 detected on radeonhd but not on radeon

Matthias Hopf mhopf at suse.de
Mon Mar 17 06:42:40 PDT 2008

On Mar 15, 08 23:21:27 -0700, Adam J. Richter wrote:
> 	By the way, I should mention that while radeonhd normally
> works fine for me, it does have slightly corrupted video if I run it
> after I have run the radeon driver.  In particular, there is a
> horizonal line about 1/3rd of the way from the top of the screen where
> the default X weave seems to have a kink in it.

I think we have a bug open about that one. At least it sounds familiar.
Ah, right, #15022, though that one is worse.

> 	I would be happy to assist in further tracking this problem
> down in the limited time I have available.  I'd appreciate a point to
> a public source code control development tree if one exists, as I
> haven't found one public cvs, svn, git development tree in my perhaps
> too quick efforts at poking around the mail archives and the doing web
> searches.

radeonhd's git:


> 	Also by the way, in case anyone wonders, I was trying
> radeon-6.8.0 instead of radeonhd-1.1.0 because I am considering
> getting a 2560x1600 monitor, and the term "dual link" at least appears
> in a few places in xf86-driver-ati-6.8.0, although I don't know if

Current git of radeonhd should support dual link DVI as well, though
this is untested ATM.



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