Problems with radeon_dri and Blender

meino.cramer at meino.cramer at
Wed Jul 2 09:17:51 PDT 2008


When using Blender my radeon_dri driver crashes with a segfault (and
Blender follows :-/  ). But it only happens when some very specific actions
are performed and only if the Shading ("Z") is activated for the 3D view.

Currently I am only able to watch this. And dont know how to pinpoint
the problem and whether the radeon_dri driver or Blender (or both) or
the hardware habe a problem.

If someone is interested, I will post an *.blend file to trigger the

What can I do to help to find and fix the problem, since a crashing
blender makes my workflow very much ineffective... ;)

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Kind regards,

My system:
I am using an uptodate Gentoo-Linux with



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