[Bug 15375] 690G / X1250 : X starts with blank screen

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Tue Apr 8 20:47:04 PDT 2008


--- Comment #4 from Davin McCall <davmac at davmac.org>  2008-04-08 20:47:04 PST ---
No S-Video, but I did have a composite video cable attaching a television. Sure
enough, if I remove that, I can see my desktop on the VGA monitor.

So it's incorrectly detecting S-Video when what's actually connected is
composite. Also, it should default to enabling the monitor, not S-Video, or at
least have an option, shouldn't it? (as far as I understand it, the board can't
actually drive both outputs at the same time).

Finally, using mplayer to play a video using Xv causes a hard lockup of the
system (window appears, mostly blank, corruption occurs in xterm from which
video was played, and then the screen goes blank. After that I can't even ssh
in to the box). I've tried setting "DMAForXv" to "false" in xorg.conf, but it
didn't help.

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