[Bug 8898] 2D rendering is slow but 3D is fine on radeon driver

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Tue May 15 22:31:39 PDT 2007


------- Comment #11 from t.bubeck at reinform.de  2007-05-15 22:31 PST -------
I can confirm the exact same problem as mentioned in the first entry. 

I normally use a xinerama setup with two graphics card (ATI Radeon+Nvidia). The
problem arises in Xinerama mode and also if I use a single head setup with ATI.
It has not yet shown, when using a single mode setup with "nv". I have never
used "compiz" or any other 3d hack. I'm not interested in 3d performance but

This system runs dual boot of "Fedora 4" and "Fedora 7test4". FC4 work

More information can be found at 

as I'm not sure where to post this bug. Probably here is the better place?

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