[Bug 2859] Flickering or blanking on DVI output of Radeon 9200/9250

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Sun Jan 21 11:46:24 PST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From sroland at tungstengraphics.com  2007-01-21 11:46 -------
(In reply to comment #78)
> I used the following patch the print the table values
> (so I skipped the modification of the actual values, only printing
> the BIOS values)
Ah sorry for that. I missed that the patch actually was for table rev. 3 only
and not for 4.

> and got for about 25 cards the same result:
> (II) RADEON(0): PLL parameters: rf=2700 rd=12 min=20000 max=40000; xclk=20000
> (II) RADEON(0): DFP table revision: 4
> (II) RADEON(0): tmds entry 0 value 0x1fa0191 freq 15500
> (II) RADEON(0): tmds entry 1 value 0x1fa0191 freq 20000
> (II) RADEON(0): tmds entry 2 value 0x4e20000c freq 0
> Hope this helps. Please let me know when I can give more info
These values strongly suggest that indeed the decoding of dfp table rev. 4 is
incorrect. entry 2 is clearly garbage, though shouldn't matter, as entry 1 is
good for up to 200Mhz (which is already higher than the 165Mhz official limit of
tmds). But even the first two entries seem very fishy to me, as they are very
different to the default rv280 values (see the default_tmds_pll table). It
_could_ be different due to a different chip revision or different card
reference design, but even then it wouldn't really make sense to include two
identical entries in the bios.

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