[Bug 2859] Flickering or blanking on DVI output of Radeon 9200/9250

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Fri Jan 12 17:39:57 PST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From contact at jawad.org  2007-01-12 17:39 -------
Using a Samsung 213T with a Radeon 9200SE connected via DVI at 1600x1200x60
here. System is a P4 Northwood on i875, HT disabled, Debian unstable, stock
I had occasional blanking and interference/noise especially when moving the
mouse pointer over an image in GIMP, but also during any operations in
OpenOffice that caused large redraws.
Tonight I tested with a Radeon 7000 PCI, same problem except the interference
was even more pronounced. Changing modelines, reduced blanking etc. didn't help
at all. 

What fixed it right while X was running was loading the Radeon DRM kernel
module. It seems to do some kind of initialization that's otherwise missing. It
can be unloaded again immediately, the effect will stay. Display is rock stable now.          
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