DVI output not visible on LCD with DVI, VGA output works -- (MergedFB on Ubuntu Edgy, Powerbook G4 ATI radeon 9600 M10)

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 02:42:36 PST 2007

On 1/9/07, Michel Dänzer <michel at tungstengraphics.com> wrote:
> We might be able to help if you provided a little more specific
> information than 'are getting in the way'.

Sorry! You are right, that wasn't very helpful. The prob is that I've
reverted a couple of patches myself, and then in the middle of the
bisection the configure system broke. I gave up pretty quickly and
didn't think it was worthwhile to pursue -- if there is a chain of
commits that depend on eachother, bisecting them can lead to broken
states. Might try again and keep a better log of the problems I find.

Instead, I dug into radeon_display.c in master, and played a bit
around with it. Didn't make any difference, but I do think that my
problem is somewhere in RADEONDisplayDDCConnected() -- for some reason
it doesn't get to see that the port has seen a DDC_DVI signal.

... I think I found an interesting lead... perhaps I am not
understanding it very well, but RADEONQueryConnectedDisplays() doesn't
seem to give a chance to the monitor on port 2 to be detected as

And I looked at the 6.6.x branch... and quickly understood why Alex
rewrote a good chunk ;-)



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