MergedFB and multiple external monitors

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Wed Jan 3 01:43:52 PST 2007

[I'm not on the list, please CC ;-) ]

Hi again, and sorry for spamming the list with a string of issues, all
together and in one go. Happy to RTFM where relevant, and invite a
good cold beer in the next Conf we meet ;-)

MergedFB rocks for a laptop user like me with an external DVI port to
hook up to just about anything. However, it currently depents [at
least for me] on starting hooked up to a monitor, and from that
point onwards, I can use xrandr to switch the modes that are valid
from that monitor.

Which is kind of uncomfortable. Is it possible to define a few
modelines such as the modelines for my work and home LCDs, and then a
few standard monitor settings like 1024x768 and 800x600 to be able to
hook up to arbitrary projectors and random monitors?

[I _may_ have found a way do do this, actually. Initially, I could not
get to pay attention to the 2nd monitor definition, because I
had listed it in a 2nd "screen" section, that would only be used if I
was doing Xinerama. My workaround is to list 2 monitors in the main
Screen section and there I can set a modeline. I now have to test with
a few more modelines to see if I can force it even if the monitor is
not hooked in.]

And in that case... are there safe "baseline" modelines that I can use
without risk of blowing up the gear I connect to ;-) ?



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