Monitor won't re-awaken after sleep after rez switch via xrandr

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Wed Jan 3 01:29:02 PST 2007

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This is on a Aluminium Powerbook G4 running vanilla Edgy-ppc. Kernel
is 2.6.17-10, seems to boot to radeonfb and I am using MergedFB. If I
do _not_ switch monitor res with xrandr, the machine sleeps to RAM and
reawakens correctly.

If I switch MergedFB modes (single monitor to dual) using xrandr,
sleep to ram and reawaken, the screen stays off. Actually, I think the
LCD lamp is on, but the screen is definitely black. I can get into the
box via SSH, and programs are running normally. I _think_ that
keyboard input on the machine is ok, and I can switch to a console,
but I am not sure.

In any case, via ssh /etc/init.d/gdm restart gets the video output
going again. After that, I can sleep-reawaken correctly if I don't
switch resolutions, so the xorg driver startup must be clearing out
whatever is wedged.

Is this a known problem? [I googled around and could not find anything
conclusive]. My xorg.conf is attached, and I'd be happy to capture an
X.log of a failing session.


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