initial silicon image sil164 test code..

Dave Airlie airlied at
Thu Sep 28 01:49:13 PDT 2006

The close enough code is in my git tree if anyone wants to look at
it.. not sure when I'll get back to it...


On 9/28/06, Dave Airlie <airlied at> wrote:
> > >
> > > I get some crap on my second TMDS head with this but it isn't
> > > correct... I suspect I need to write some more data to the sil chip...
> > > (on Intel I didn't have to do much except turn it on...)
> >
> > Well, there are various settings in the DVO interface and the Sil chip
> > that need to match... maybe it's the ATI side that needs tweaking to
> > match the SiL default values ? :)
> Yes the Sil164 and the radeon need to agree on the clocking, I've been
> playing but I can only get a yellow tinted hatch that look okay, but
> when I put an xterm on it it can destabilise..
> I think I need to tweak a dirty radeon PLL :-)
> But I'm pretty close, I can't run fglrx on this card :( and I can't
> get the windows driver to see it either - blooody ATI development
> boards - the BIOS needs to be customized and mine is stuck with the
> wrong connector tables....)... so I've no nice way to try and get it
> set the mode up and read the registers...
> Dave.

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