initial silicon image sil164 test code..

Dave Airlie airlied at
Thu Sep 28 01:42:36 PDT 2006

> >
> > I get some crap on my second TMDS head with this but it isn't
> > correct... I suspect I need to write some more data to the sil chip...
> > (on Intel I didn't have to do much except turn it on...)
> Well, there are various settings in the DVO interface and the Sil chip
> that need to match... maybe it's the ATI side that needs tweaking to
> match the SiL default values ? :)

Yes the Sil164 and the radeon need to agree on the clocking, I've been
playing but I can only get a yellow tinted hatch that look okay, but
when I put an xterm on it it can destabilise..

I think I need to tweak a dirty radeon PLL :-)

But I'm pretty close, I can't run fglrx on this card :( and I can't
get the windows driver to see it either - blooody ATI development
boards - the BIOS needs to be customized and mine is stuck with the
wrong connector tables....)... so I've no nice way to try and get it
set the mode up and read the registers...


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