AccelDFS issues with which AGP bridges?

Alan Swanson swanson at
Tue Dec 19 13:39:45 PST 2006

On Tue, 2006-12-19 at 21:05 +0000, Alan Swanson wrote:
> Regarding the AccelDFS option defaulting to off for AGP due to issues
> with some AGP bridges, I'd like to know which AGP bridges those are?
> I've not found anything on Google or any mailing list archives so it'll
> probably need Michel Dänzer to answer since it was his patch.
> I've enabled this with my two systems without observing any issues with
> yesterdays GIT (except EXA still being horrible when switching
> workspaces with Gnome but perhaps slightly less so).
> Since people like statistics and lies we have before and after x11perf
> getimage tests;

Let me just correct those diabolically duff spreadsheet derived
percentage improvement figures;

Desktop: AthlonXP 2500 - Nvidia Nforce2 - 8500

  GetImage10x10   9120.0/sec 14200.0/sec 56%
  GetImage100x100  154.0/sec   660.0/sec 329%
  GetImage500x500    6.1/sec    24.5/sec 302%

Laptop: Pentium-M 1.6 - Intel 855PM - Mobility 9000

  GetImage10x10   10900.0/sec 17700.0/sec 62%
  GetImage100x100   177.0/sec   801.0/sec 353%
  GetImage500x500     7.6/sec    31.3/sec 312%


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