AccelDFS issues with which AGP bridges?

Alan Swanson swanson at
Tue Dec 19 13:05:47 PST 2006

Regarding the AccelDFS option defaulting to off for AGP due to issues
with some AGP bridges, I'd like to know which AGP bridges those are?
I've not found anything on Google or any mailing list archives so it'll
probably need Michel Dänzer to answer since it was his patch.

I've enabled this with my two systems without observing any issues with
yesterdays GIT (except EXA still being horrible when switching
workspaces with Gnome but perhaps slightly less so).

Since people like statistics and lies we have before and after x11perf
getimage tests;

Desktop: AthlonXP 2500 - Nvidia Nforce2 - 8500

  GetImage10x10   9120.0/sec 14200.0/sec 61%
  GetImage100x100  154.0/sec   660.0/sec 81%
  GetImage500x500    6.1/sec    24.5/sec 80%

Laptop: Pentium-M 1.6 - Intel 855PM - Mobility 9000

  GetImage10x10   10900.0/sec 17700.0/sec 62%
  GetImage100x100   177.0/sec   801.0/sec 82%
  GetImage500x500     7.6/sec    31.3/sec 80%


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