glamor versus AIGLX GL context series

Keith Packard keithp at
Tue Apr 22 18:21:40 PDT 2014

Eric Anholt <eric at> writes:

>> BTW, the 'glamor: Add glamor_transfer based glamor_get_image and
>> glamor_put_image' commit in your glamor-fixes branch still breaks the
>> libreoffice icons for me. Are you guys seeing that as well?
> Nope, don't see that here.

I've sent a patch that fixes this to the list -- it's a symptom of a
deeper glamor problem of assuming that depth 24 pixmaps would have all
ones for the unused 8 bits that the render code could use as alpha

        glamor: Wire alpha to 1 for pictures without alpha bits

I posted a test for that which demonstrates the bug even without the new
put image/get image code.

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