glamor regressions with radeonsi (Re: xserver: Branch 'master' - 15 commits)

Keith Packard keithp at
Mon Apr 7 23:39:56 PDT 2014

Michel Dänzer <michel at> writes:

> I've come to realize it's coincidence that the text appears at step 2:
> The problem is that a lot of time is spent in glamor_font_get() ->
> glTexSubImage2D(). It would probably be more efficient to pack all the
> glyphs in malloc()ed memory and pass that to glTexImage2D() instead.

That's only done once per font; I didn't think it would matter all that
much for real applications (which don't open fonts all that often). I
can't imagine it takes *that* long to load 256 tiny images though?

If so, I suspect the right plan would be to allocate a temporary 1bpp
pixmap and paint the glyphs using regular core operations in fb and
upload the resulting bitmap.

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