brokenness of dri1

Dave Airlie airlied at
Tue Sep 25 22:43:58 PDT 2012

In a further effort to show how little testing outside developers we
get, I tried to check dri1 :-)

Its been broken in a subtlle manner thanks to Keith at
faeebead7bfcc78535757ca7acc1faf7554c03b7 which was back in the 1.8

It was then noticeably broken by Daniel in

the thing is the check for DRIGeneration != serverGeneration was
probably always bogus, but in the first commit it meant we never
called DRIExtensionInit internals, the second commit moved some code
into that and that broken drm module loading as the drmServer stuff
never got initialised.

Now I'm wondering what the correct form for that check should be,
since at the moment DRIGeneration is 0 and serverGeneration is 1 at
entry to that function.


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