lack of reviewers (Re: first set of new APIs + convert server to use them)

Dave Airlie airlied at
Mon May 14 11:22:48 PDT 2012

On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 7:04 PM, Alan Coopersmith
<alan.coopersmith at> wrote:
> On 05/14/12 04:28 AM, Dave Airlie wrote:
>> nobody? ping?
>> Like Keith the glyph picture API patch is like 2 lines long :)
>> /me wonders how I'm going to get the next 50 patches in at this rate
>> some time this year.
> It's not just you, we seem to be having a harder time getting reviews done
> all around.
> (I admit I'm as guilty of this as the rest, since I've been busy on other
>  things, and less motivated to review for other people when I can't get
>  my patches reviewed.)
> I've got no ideas how to fix this quickly, but we need to get it fixed.
> Patchwork only helps if we get the finished reviews cleared off - right now
> everything is listed as needing review, even if we've integrated it,
> reworked it, or rejected it.

I've pretty much no idea how to deal with it sanely. We've moved to larger
scale development model without a larger set of developers. The kernel
isn't even as stringent wrt to reviews as xorg-devel is.

I'm guessing we'll probably have to have review swap parties or meetings
or something insane like that to clear the backlog on occasions,
it would be nice if patchwork could be kept up to date, but it would involve
anyone handling patches to jump on and clean up the ones they've merged

I spent a major amount of my time either reviewing kernel patches, or
persuading others to review other peoples patches so I don't have to,
I'm not sure if we need some more tracking from Keith or others on
what unreviewed stuff is outstanding and who best to direct it to, but
again it involves a time commitment from someone and I've no idea
who could afford it.

Like the input guys have a bit of crossover work, the build system
stuff seems to be covered, but the rest of the server is a wasteland
of unreviewedness.


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