Call for Participation

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Wed Jun 27 07:44:53 PDT 2012, India's biggest open source conference, has their CFP out
for this year's conference (Nov. 29 - Dec.1 in Bangalore):

Like FOSDEM, it's all open source projects, not any particular area.

If someone in the region wanted to present on a topic related to the
free graphics stack (X.Org, Mesa, DRI, Wayland, etc.) and the only
thing stopping them was travel expenses, the X.Org Board may be willing
to sponsor a reasonable travel budget for those who are accepted into
the program.   (No guarantees until you actually ask us - just saying
we're happy to discuss it, and have provided similar funding in the
past for people who needed it to present at FOSDEM & similar venues.)

Send mail to board at with any questions or proposals.

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