Generic Precedence Grouping for Input Devices

Michal Suchanek hramrach at
Mon Jun 4 07:09:21 PDT 2012


what you seem to want is device exclusion so that input from one
device precludes events from other devices to be processed.

As XI has support for disabling devices this should be doable with a
user program so long as a user program can get proximity events

I don't think this should be by default enabled in X server, it's not
something most users would expect.

Since it would not get much use not being the default implementing
this in X would just add some dead untested code.

I can see that in case you have one tablet and one mouse then tablet
pen in proximity might be thought of as an indication of tablet input
and a sign that mouse input is unwanted.

However, note that pen can be seen in-proximity when just laying near
the tablet, even on a pen stand. AFAIK normally you can move the
cursor with mouse when pen is in proximity so long as pen position
does not change (eg. on stand) which would be broken by this priority

I can definitely get click events by touching down the pen way outside
the tablet area or get motion events by moving the pen somewere on the
table nearby the tablet.



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