[PATCH 1/9] Xrandr.man: Remove trailing spaces.

Cyril Brulebois kibi at debian.org
Wed Mar 30 18:59:39 PDT 2011

Signed-off-by: Cyril Brulebois <kibi at debian.org>
 man/Xrandr.man |   52 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------------
 1 files changed, 26 insertions(+), 26 deletions(-)

diff --git a/man/Xrandr.man b/man/Xrandr.man
index 23a3970..df585d1 100644
--- a/man/Xrandr.man
+++ b/man/Xrandr.man
@@ -29,9 +29,9 @@
  Xrandr \- X Resize, Rotate and Reflection extension.
 \&#include <X11/extensions/Xrandr.h>
-Bool XRRQueryExtension \^(\^Display *\fIdpy\fP, 
+Bool XRRQueryExtension \^(\^Display *\fIdpy\fP,
 	int *\fIevent_base_return\fP, int *\fIerror_base_return\fP\^);
 Status XRRQueryVersion \^(\^Display *\fIdpy\fP,
@@ -44,14 +44,14 @@ XRRScreenConfiguration *XRRGetScreenInfo \^(\^Display *dpy,
 void XRRFreeScreenConfigInfo \^(\^
 	\fIXRRScreenConfiguration *config\fP\^);
-Status XRRSetScreenConfig \^(\^Display *\fIdpy\fP, 
+Status XRRSetScreenConfig \^(\^Display *\fIdpy\fP,
 	XRRScreenConfiguration *\fIconfig\fP,
 	Drawable \fIdraw\fP,
 	int \fIsize_index\fP,
 	Rotation \fIrotation\fP,
 	Time \fItimestamp\fP\^);
-Status XRRSetScreenConfigAndRate \^(\^Display *\fIdpy\fP, 
+Status XRRSetScreenConfigAndRate \^(\^Display *\fIdpy\fP,
 				  XRRScreenConfiguration *\fIconfig\fP,
 				  Drawable \fIdraw\fP,
 				  int \fIsize_index\fP,
@@ -60,55 +60,55 @@ Status XRRSetScreenConfigAndRate \^(\^Display *\fIdpy\fP,
 				  Time \fItimestamp\fP\^);
 Rotation XRRConfigRotations\^(\^
-	XRRScreenConfiguration *\fIconfig\fP, 
+	XRRScreenConfiguration *\fIconfig\fP,
 	Rotation *\fIcurrent_rotation\fP\^);
 Time XRRConfigTimes \^(\^
-	XRRScreenConfiguration *\fIconfig\fP, 
+	XRRScreenConfiguration *\fIconfig\fP,
 	Time *\fIconfig_timestamp\fP\^);
 XRRScreenSize *XRRConfigSizes\^(\^
-	XRRScreenConfiguration *\fIconfig\fP, 
+	XRRScreenConfiguration *\fIconfig\fP,
 	int *\fInsizes\fP\^);
 short *XRRConfigRates \^(\^
-	XRRScreenConfiguration *\fIconfig\fP, 
-	int \fIsize_index\fP, 
+	XRRScreenConfiguration *\fIconfig\fP,
+	int \fIsize_index\fP,
 	int *\fInrates\fP\^);
 SizeID XRRConfigCurrentConfiguration \^(\^
-	XRRScreenConfiguration *\fIconfig\fP, 
+	XRRScreenConfiguration *\fIconfig\fP,
 	Rotation *\fIrotation\fP\^);
 short XRRConfigCurrentRate \^(\^
-	XRRScreenConfiguration *\fIconfig\fP\^);    
+	XRRScreenConfiguration *\fIconfig\fP\^);
 int XRRRootToScreen\^(\^
-	Display *\fIdpy\fP, 
+	Display *\fIdpy\fP,
 	Window \fIroot\fP\^);
 void XRRSelectInput\^(\^Display *\fIdpy\fP, Window \fIwindow\fP, int \fImask\fP\^);
- * intended to take RRScreenChangeNotify,  or 
+ * intended to take RRScreenChangeNotify,  or
  * ConfigureNotify \^(\^\fIon the root window\fP\^)
  * returns 1 if it is an event type it understands, 0 if not
 int XRRUpdateConfiguration\^(\^XEvent *\fIevent\fP^);
- * the following are always safe to call, even if RandR is 
- * not implemented on a screen 
+ * the following are always safe to call, even if RandR is
+ * not implemented on a screen
 Rotation XRRRotations\^(\^
-	Display *\fIdpy\fP, int \fIscreen\fP, 
+	Display *\fIdpy\fP, int \fIscreen\fP,
 	Rotation *\fIcurrent_rotation\fP\^);
-XRRScreenSize *XRRSizes\^(\^Display *\fIdpy\fP, 
+XRRScreenSize *XRRSizes\^(\^Display *\fIdpy\fP,
 	int \fIscreen\fP, int *\fInsizes\fP\^);
-short *XRRRates \^(\^Display *\fIdpy\fP, int \fIscreen\fP, 
+short *XRRRates \^(\^Display *\fIdpy\fP, int \fIscreen\fP,
 	int \fIsize_index\fP, int *\fInrates\fP\^);
 Time XRRTimes \^(\^Display *\fIdpy\fP, int \fIscreen\fP, Time *\fIconfig_timestamp\fP\^);
@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@ Extension.  This allows clients to change the size and rotation of the
 root window of a screen, along with the ability to reflect the screen
 about either axis (if supported by the implementation).  Rotation and
 reflection may be implemented by software and may result in slower
-performance if rotation and reflection are implemented in this fashion 
+performance if rotation and reflection are implemented in this fashion
 (as are all implementations as of October 2002).
 The Xrandr library does some minimal caching to avoid roundtrips to
@@ -224,8 +224,8 @@ so that rotation and reflection do not interact.  The other way to
 consider reflection is to is specified in the "normal" orientation,
 before rotation, if you find the other way confusing.
-.B XRRScreenChangeNotify 
+.B XRRScreenChangeNotify
 event is sent to clients that ask to be informed whenever the root window
 configuration changes.  Configuration changes may include resolution,
 physical size, subpixel order (see XRender(3)), and rotation.  Note
@@ -234,7 +234,7 @@ that changes to any or all of these could occur due to external events
 being hot-plugged) and is not only the result of a protocol/library
 request to the X server.
-Additionally, to eliminate a potential race condition, 
+Additionally, to eliminate a potential race condition,
 this event may be generated
 immediately upon selecting for notification if the screen has changed
 since the client of Xrandr connected to the X server, to enable
@@ -295,13 +295,13 @@ values on the screen specified by \fIdraw\fP, or returns a
 \fIsize_index\fP specifies which size configuration is to be used,
 \fIrotation\fP specifies which rotation or reflection is to
-be used (or a 
+be used (or a
 .B BadValue
 error is returned).
 The \fItimestamp\fP is used by the server to make sure the client
 has up to date configuration information. Status is returned
 to indicate success or failure; a client must refresh its configuration
-information if it fails and try the call again (by calling 
+information if it fails and try the call again (by calling
 .B XRRSetScreenConfigAndRate

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