[ANNOUNCE] xorg-sgml-doctools 1.7

Cyril Brulebois kibi at debian.org
Wed Mar 30 10:25:12 PDT 2011

Gaetan Nadon <memsize at videotron.ca> (30/03/2011):
> Both of these are new files, replacing xorg.xsl
> […]
> This is correct. There has to be one master db per format. It points
> to a real filename such as secint.html, secint.pdf, etc...

Thanks for confirming.

> For example, gnome-help can read DocBook/XML and so can some
> editors. This is why it is installed.  I had the same impression a
> while back. It has a dual role.

Alright, thanks. I guess I'm going to ship them then.

> Thanks for asking. In xorg-docs and any other modules with DocBook
> documents, a couple of new files will get generated and
> installed. They are *.fo.db and *.html.db. Check the README in
> xorg-sgml-doctools, I tried to explain some of these.  So I can
> remember in a few weeks from now :-)

Bah, thank *you* for the quick reply. :)

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