[PATCH:libXt 1/2 v3] Add test framework similar to xserver and use it to test XtAsprintf

Gaetan Nadon memsize at videotron.ca
Mon Mar 14 20:53:55 PDT 2011

On Mon, 2011-03-14 at 19:27 -0700, Alan Coopersmith wrote:

> v3: Use test macros from xorg-macros 1.1.3
>     Improved GNU libc detection for malloc debug environment variables
>     Fix MALLOC_PERTURB_ value to not be 0 or ~0 & comment about why.

Need a .gitignore in the test directory

Shouldn't Makefile.am wrap the target around if HAVE_GLIB?
The strange thing is that the test cases runs even if I configure
--without-glib and GLIB flags are blank.

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