1.11 release process (was: [PULL] -next branch for 1.11)

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Feb 28 21:14:26 PST 2011

On Tue, 1 Mar 2011 13:34:54 +1000, Peter Hutterer <peter.hutterer at who-t.net> wrote:

> A number of fixes I've had lingering in my next branch.

I was about to send out a message offering to run the 1.11 release. I'm
still having fun doing it.

Concerning the release process, are things going OK? Are there things we
should change? Shorter? Longer? More release candidates?

Do we need more formal rules for merging code? The RandR 1.4 server code
was merged before the protocol and library APIs had seen sufficient
review, but we don't have a formal process for either of those
modules. Anyone know how to help with that? -- We don't have an official
protocol tree maintainer at this point, although Daniel Stone did
volunteer to put together another proposal for merging those trees
together, and if that happened, maybe we could convince him to run a
couple of cycles as release manager.

Aside from that, here's my thoughts on the 1.11 release schedule;
suggestions for changes are welcome. I like to avoid major holidays and
to align with OS releases where convenient.

Merge window closes:       2011-05-27
Non-critical bug deadline: 2011-07-29
1.11 Release:              2011-08-19

(this is just mirroring the 1.10 schedule, adjusting so that these dates
all line up on a Friday)

That gives us three months to get new stuff merged; I hope to be
finished with RandR 1.4 long before that...

keith.packard at intel.com
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