kbproto compilation problem

tom fogal tfogal at sci.utah.edu
Tue Dec 21 13:10:57 PST 2010

Gaetan Nadon <memsize at videotron.ca> writes:
> On Tue, 2010-12-21 at 11:45 -0700, tom fogal wrote:
> > Is this simply a, `use a newer fop' issue, or should this work on a
> > system like mine?
> I am afraid so. [. . .] If it is not convenient for you to upgrade,
> configure using "--without-fop" to skip the pdf/ps format. All the
> doc generating tools have options to turn them off if need be.

Thanks!  This worked wonderfully; I'm cruising right along now.

> We have just been building all the docs for the new release announced
> yesterday.
> http://www.x.org/releases/X11R7.6/doc/index.html
> BTW, I see you are using build.sh. We have recently made a number
> of improvements recently. Check the -L and --modfile to create your
> custom list of components to build.

Indeed I am, looking into those options now -- thanks.

In the meantime, please consider the attached build.sh patch.  I used
it to configure my X build --without-fop, on all packages.

BTW, there seems to be some inconsistencies w.r.t. tabs and spaces in
that file...



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