[PATCH] Make pm2's xv driver collect options like all other drivers.

Jesse Adkins jesserayadkins at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 20:05:56 PST 2010

That's a good question. The old code checked for VideoAdaptor
references in xorg.conf (named input for the input, and output for the
output). If it found one and your board wasn't supported, it would
complain that your board was not supported.

With the patch, it just checks your board and complains if it's not
supported. This could be fixed by doing an option check before the pci
id check again. Only this time we'd check for device being set, since
that's the only really required option now. I think this is the proper
approach, since you shouldn't see a message about xv failing if you
didn't want xv in the first place.

I'll whip up a v2 of the patch soon.

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