[ANNOUNCE] OpenChrome DDX Version 0.6 released

Kevin Brace kevinbrace at gmx.com
Tue Mar 7 12:16:45 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

Finally figured out how to use the X.Org automatic submission 
script after realizing that I had to change the script in order for 
OpenChrome DDX to build in the first place.

OpenChrome DDX Version 0.6 has added the following new features.

- First official support for CX700, VX700, and VX800 chipsets 
  integrated TMDS transmitter (i.e., DVI support)
- Initial support for Silicon Image SiI 164 TMDS transmitter

OpenChrome DDX Version 0.6 has the following improvements.

- Improved FP reinitialization when resuming from standby
  (HP 2133 Mini-Note, FIC CE260 / CE261 based netbooks like 
   Everex CloudBook and Sylvania g netbook)
- Improved automatic detection of display resources
- Improved X Server stability in dual monitor mode
- Automatic active steering of the display controller channel to the 
  correct display output device

OpenChrome DDX Version 0.6 fixes the following bugs.

- Fix for the disruption of the VT (Virtual Terminal) screen bug 
  introduced in Version 0.5
- Fix for HP 2133 Mini-Note's PCIe WLAN getting turned off 
  inadvertently bug introduced in Version 0.5

OpenChrome DDX Git repository:


User focused OpenChrome mailing list:


Development focused OpenChrome mailing list:



Kevin Brace
The OpenChrome Project maintainer / developer

Adam Jackson (2):
      Adapt Block/WakeupHandler signature for ABI 23
      Check ABI major not encoded ABI

Chris Lamb (1):
      Altering the compilation build script to make it reproducible.

Dylan Aïssi (2):
      Fix a spelling error inside via_xv.c
      Switch to https for all links to freedesktop.org

Kevin Brace (270):
      Version bumped to 0.5.99
      viaIGAInitCommon will now initialize certain legacy VGA registers
      Version bumped to 0.5.100
      Accessing CRTC after miscellaneous output register initialization
      Limiting IGA1 Address Mode Selection bit access to UniChrome Pro or later
      Limiting IGA2 Address Mode Selection bit access to UniChrome Pro or later
      Version bumped to 0.5.101
      Starting IGA2 horizontal blank early by 1 count to avoid odd resolution
      Starting IGA2 vertical blank early by 1 count to avoid odd resolution
      Version bumped to 0.5.102
      Rewriting iga1_crtc_save
      Rewriting iga1_crtc_restore
      Version bumped to 0.5.103
      Changing the way miscellaneous output register is set for IGA1
      Version bumped to 0.5.104
      Turning off interlace mode for IGA2
      Version bumped to 0.5.105
      Turning off spread spectrum and turning on ROC ECK
      Version bumped to 0.5.106
      Actively setting certain LVDS related registers from via_lvds_mode_set
      Version bumped to 0.5.107
      Added a new file called via_tmds.c
      Version bumped to 0.5.108
      Added a new file called via_analog.c
      Version bumped to 0.5.109
      Added a new file called via_tv.c
      Version bumped to 0.5.110
      Initial support for integrated TMDS transmitter (DVI)
      Version bumped to 0.5.111
      Fix for viaVT1632Init implicit function declaration build warning
      Removing redundant code from via_vt1632.c and via_vt1632.h
      Version bumped to 0.5.112
      Fixing analog VGA to IGA1
      Version bumped to 0.5.113
      Disable I2C bus readout of LVDS FP EDID for now
      Version bumped to 0.5.114
      Added viaLVDS1SetDisplaySource
      Added viaLVDS2SetDisplaySource
      Setting LVDS2 display source from via_lvds_mode_set
      Version bumped to 0.5.115
      Reversing most of commit 46f5f3e
      Version bumped to 0.5.116
      Moving VT1632(A) related code to via_vt1632.c
      Version bumped to 0.5.117
      Changing via_dvi_dpms to via_vt1632_dpms
      Discontinuing via_dvi_mode_set
      Moving via_vt1632_mode_set functionality into viaVT1632InitRegister
      Version bumped to 0.5.118
      Added debug messages to via_vt1632_dpms
      Changing via_vt1632_detect to viaVT1632Sense
      Changing via_dvi_detect to via_vt1632_detect
      Rewrite of viaVT1632Sense
      Code cleanup of via_vt1632_detect
      Version bumped to 0.5.119
      Made small tweaks to via_vt1632_power
      Changing via_vt1632_power to viaVT1632Power
      Moving viaVT1632Sense within the file
      Version bumped to 0.5.120
      Rewrite of viaTMDSPower
      Rewrite of viaVT1632Power
      Version bumped to 0.5.121
      Added viaDFPLowSetDelayTap
      Set DFP Low delay tap for P4M900 family from via_lvds_mode_set
      Version bumped to 0.5.122
      Added viaDFPLowSetDisplaySource
      Set DFP Low display output source from via_lvds_mode_set
      Version bumped to 0.5.123
      Added viaDVP1SetDisplaySource
      Added viaDVP0SetDisplaySource
      LVDS FP and VT1632 are now deciding display output source
      Version bumped to 0.5.124
      Not setting display output source inside via_lvds_prepare
      Version bumped to 0.5.125
      Added viaDFPHighSetDelayTap
      Added viaDFPHighSetDisplaySource
      Added viaLVDS2SetDithering
      Set LVDS2 output color dithering from via_lvds_mode_set
      Version bumped to 0.5.126
      Updated VIA Technologies defined flat panel screen resolution table
      Version bumped to 0.5.127
      Add useDualEdge and useDithering variables to ViaPanelInfo record
      Removing several compilation warnings from via_outputs.c
      Rewriting ViaPanelGetNativeModeFromScratchPad function
      Changing LVDS FP scratch pad indexing function name
      Make LVDS2 dithering programmable
      Version bumped to 0.5.128
      Added viaLVDS2SetDelayTap
      Set LVDS2 delay tap for CX700 family from via_lvds_mode_set
      Version bumped to 0.5.129
      Changing via_vt1632_save to viaVT1632SaveRegisters
      Changing via_dvi_save to via_vt1632_save
      Rewrite of viaVT1632SaveRegisters
      Added debug messages to via_vt1632_save
      Version bumped to 0.5.130
      Changing via_vt1632_restore to viaVT1632RestoreRegisters
      Changing via_dvi_restore to via_vt1632_restore
      Rewrite of viaVT1632RestoreRegisters
      Added debug messages to via_vt1632_restore
      Version bumped to 0.5.131
      Changed via_vt1632_mode_valid to viaVT1632CheckModeValidity
      Changed via_dvi_* to via_vt1632_* in via_vt1632.c
      Rewrote viaVT1632CheckModeValidity
      Moved via_vt1632_set_property and via_vt1632_get_property
      Altered the names related to viaVT1632Rec
      Version bumped to 0.5.132
      Handling CRTC register protect bit correctly for VX855 and VX900
      Version bumped to 0.5.133
      IGA1 > 2048 horizontal resolution support for VX900 chipset
      Version bumped to 0.5.134
      IGA2 > 2048 horizontal resolution support for VX900 chipset
      Version bumped to 0.5.135
      Changed KM400 chipset family pin strapping message
      Designating DVI dynamically for xrandr
      Version bumped to 0.5.136
      Reorganizing via_lvds.c
      Added viaLVDS2SetOutputFormat
      Set LVDS2 output format from via_lvds_mode_set
      Removed most compilation warnings inside via_display.c
      Removed the last known compilation warnings from via_display.c.
      Removed unused variable and comment warning from via_lvds.c
      Fixing FP (Flat Panel) display controller to IGA2
      Version bumped to 0.5.137
      Removing a compilation warning from via_ums.c
      Removed more legacy panel table code
      Rearranging code inside via_analog.c
      Added missing RANDR_13_INTERFACE conditional compilation
      Major rewriting of via_lvds_detect callback function
      Version bumped to 0.5.138
      Removed a compilation warning from via_tv_mode_valid
      Removed a compilation warning from viaVidCopyInit
      Discontinued ViaPanelLookUpModeIndex
      Removing ViaPrintMode from via_analog.c
      Moving ViaPrintMode from via_outputs.c to via_display.c
      Removing ViaDisplayDisableDVO from via_tv.c
      Version bumped to 0.5.139
      Designating analog VGA dynamically for xrandr
      Forgot to increment the number of VGA connectors
      Designating FP dynamically for xrandr
      Changing xrandr designation for a flat panel from LVDS to FP
      Version bumped to 0.5.140
      Silicon Image SiI 164 initial code inclusion
      Version bumped to 0.5.141
      Version bumped to 0.5.142
      Moving HI access code to various functions
      Version bumped to 0.5.143
      Forgot to include via_sii164.h inside via_tmds.c
      Version bumped to 0.5.144
      Giving the original author of external TMDS transmitter code credit
      Version bumped to 0.5.145
      Moved xf86I2CMaskByte inside via_i2c.c
      Removed unused variable warnings from via_exa_h2.c
      Removed unused variable warnings from via_exa_h6.c
      Version bumped to 0.5.146
      Moved several functions inside via_tv.c
      Support for automatic TV encoder display source assignment
      Version bumped to 0.5.147
      Improvement in CLE266 chipset pin strapping diagnostic log messages
      Support for automatic TV encoder I/O pad turn on
      Discontinuing TVPort option
      Got DIP0 and DIP1 confused for CLE266 chipset
      Version bumped to 0.5.148
      Proactively turn on DVP1 I/O pads when using DVI in new devices
      Moved via_vt1632_mode_set inside via_vt1632.c
      Moved via_sii164_mode_set inside via_sii164.c
      Adding VX900 chipset to VT1625 TV encoder initialization
      Version bumped to 0.5.149
      Integrated TMDS (DVI) code will now manage power on / off
      Not turning on / off integrated TMDS / LVDS1 if TMDS is in use
      Changes in FP turn on / off code behavior
      Version bumped to 0.5.150
      Version bumped to 0.5.151
      Fixing incorrect logical negation
      Version bumped to 0.5.152
      Improved VT1632(A) display source and I/O pad initialization
      Improved SiI 164 display source and I/O pad initialization
      Remove initialization of DVP0 from viaIGA2Init
      Version bumped to 0.5.153
      Setting I/O driver strength from the relevant code that needs it
      Version bumped to 0.5.154
      Fixing incorrect logical AND
      Changed via_vt1632_dump_registers to viaVT1632DumpRegisters
      Improvement in standard VGA register initialization
      Version bumped to 0.5.155
      Correcting a bug in DVI presence detection
      Version bumped to 0.5.156
      Moving the code that sets sync polarity of analog VGA
      Version bumped to 0.5.157
      Changed viaAnalogSource to viaAnalogSetDisplaySource
      Eliminated new compilation warnings
      Changed the hardware resource initialization sequence for VT1632(A)
      Changed the hardware resource initialization sequence for SiI 164
      Changed via_sii164_dump_registers to viaSiI164DumpRegisters
      Created viaExtTMDSSetDisplaySource
      Created viaExtTMDSEnableIOPads
      Created viaExtTMDSSetClockDriveStrength
      Created viaExtTMDSSetDataDriveStrength
      Version bumped to 0.5.158
      Changed the way integrated TMDS transmitter detects DVI presence
      Version bumped to 0.5.159
      Updated SiI 164 register settings to suggested settings
      Version bumped to 0.5.160
      Added viaLVDS2SetFormat
      Added viaLVDS1SetFormat
      Discontinued the use of viaSetLVDSOutput
      Version bumped to 0.5.161
      Change how AGP based UniChrome IGP's FP display source is set
      Version bumped to 0.5.162
      Rewriting of via_lvds_detect
      Version bumped to 0.5.163
      Altered the IGA1 HW reset sequence during mode setting
      Controlling IGA1 and IGA2 output state from *_commit and *_prepare
      Version bumped to 0.5.164
      Altered the IGA2 HW reset sequence during mode setting
      Version bumped to 0.5.165
      Setting IGA1 color depth and LUT output atomically
      Version bumped to 0.5.166
      Rewrite of palette setting code
      Version bumped to 0.5.167
      Merging the contents of via_bandwidth.c into via_display.c
      Version bumped to 0.5.168
      Setting IGA2 color depth atomically
      Removing code that will reinitialize VGA registers from IGA2
      Version bumped to 0.5.169
      Not touching palette LUT resolution bit from viaIGA1SetColorDepth
      Version bumped to 0.5.170
      Turning off gamma correction for both IGA1 and IGA2
      Version bumped to 0.5.171
      Removing debug messages related to hardware cursor
      Minor adjustments made to log messages
      Version bumped to 0.5.172
      Version bumped to 0.5.173
      Version bumped to 0.5.174
      Version bumped to 0.5.175
      Whitespace fix for via_display.c
      Temporary fix to virtual terminal screen getting corrupted
      Another whitespace fix for via_display.c
      Version bumped to 0.5.176
      Preparation for the partial fix of save / restore functions
      Partial fix for save / restore functions
      Minor adjustments to viaIGA1Restore function
      Version bumped to 0.5.177
      Changed the 3C5.15 restore behavior
      Version bumped to 0.5.178
      Fix for VT switch screen corruption bug
      Version bumped to 0.5.179
      Removing access to 3C5.2A from viaIGA2SetDisplayRegister
      Temporary fix for HP 2133 PCIe WLAN not working
      Version bumped to 0.5.180
      Made corrections to IGA1 display read count and starting address
      Made corrections to IGA2 display read count and starting address
      Limit horizontal direction screen resolution slightly
      Version bumped to 0.5.181
      Permanent fix for HP 2133 PCIe WLAN not working
      Version bumped to 0.5.182
      Improvement in initializing FIC CE260 / CE261 netbook FP
      Version bumped to 0.5.183
      Improvement in initializing integrated TMDS (DVI)
      Version bumped to 0.5.184
      Adding additional integrated TMDS turn on / off code
      Version bumped to 0.5.185
      Checking display controller memory alignment before mode setting
      Version bumped to 0.5.186
      Preserving Scratch Pad registers (CR3B through CR3F)
      Changing via_lvds.c to via_fp.c
      Version bumped to 0.5.187
      Improving DVI connector availability
      Minor reduction of unused variables
      Faking integrated TMDS (DVI) transmitter DVI detection
      Version bumped to 0.5.900 (Version 0.6 RC1)
      Version bumped to 0.6

Max Rus (1):
      Fix for tty1 through tty6 not working

Xavier Bachelot (4):
      Fix FSF address
      Fix unused-variable warnings in via_tmds.c
      Fix unused-variable warning in via_analog.c
      Fix unused-variable warnings in via_tmds.c

git tag: xf86-video-openchrome-0.6.0

MD5:  c87f164739729b00f7e1a9934420c22d  xf86-video-openchrome-0.6.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: 2077181ded4d86e9cbe6d3e9b1245339692e848d  xf86-video-openchrome-0.6.0.tar.bz2
SHA256: da2975c6379358de52c1257710c67eb59139a7f0a1cd28d00cc64cc3e1c02f75  xf86-video-openchrome-0.6.0.tar.bz2
PGP:  http://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/driver/xf86-video-openchrome-0.6.0.tar.bz2.sig
MD5:  7c2975c01979e50c25d2f1872ae78edb  xf86-video-openchrome-0.6.0.tar.gz
SHA1: ec02a2839e5cba0870b8d7ab835c834e95369256  xf86-video-openchrome-0.6.0.tar.gz
SHA256: 3c51eea4b6ae21f2681686a56b0853e35fa1d6601d783dcc3fbe35f8b757419b  xf86-video-openchrome-0.6.0.tar.gz
PGP:  http://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/driver/xf86-video-openchrome-0.6.0.tar.gz.sig

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