[ANNOUNCE] xscope 1.4

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Mon Nov 19 21:29:23 PST 2012

xscope is a program to monitor the connections between the X11 window
server and a client program.

Compared to 1.4 RC1 version fixes some bugs in building the transport code
when not using libxtrans and adds a -V option to report the version number:

Alan Coopersmith (5):
      Rename sockaddr_un variable from sun to saun to avoid conflict with #define sun
      Don't include Xtrans files if xtrans is disabled
      When not using xtrans, check if -lsocket & -lnsl are needed for Solaris/SVR4
      Add -V option to print version and exit
      xscope 1.4

Compared to 1.3.1, this release adds these new features:

- RANDR decoding updated from just 0.x protocol to handle 1.0 - 1.4
- Atoms recorded from InternAtom & GetAtomName to use for display in
  other requests referencing the atoms
- Property requests now also show these property types in a more natural
  format instead of as just lists of bytes:
        UTF8_STRING, atoms, cardinals, integers, and windows
- new -I command line flag to enter interactive mode immediately at startup
- experimental support for reading a previously recorded file.
    If you run "xscope -r -v0 > xscope.raw", then you can later run
    "xscope -f xscope.raw" to decode the data.

git tag: xscope-1.4

MD5:  4fb4086e29af1b5b6d07d4d1ccbda5ca
SHA1: 20a727f8925626d03112c67d88bb57cd343309f1
SHA256: eb4adf06f274bdd5d87b30367cd137b485b650b5dc6dc5ae1104bd8afaf22b1f

MD5:  1d9a27e5fd86ef88cb9bb7778c73b3cf
SHA1: 7d01f9fa099a109f054664ac14133601c3326696
SHA256: c3554ebe098646e9ff1a08fc509cdfe7587898426fac81b0603c378201702270

	-Alan Coopersmith-              alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
	 Oracle Solaris Engineering - http://blogs.oracle.com/alanc
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