[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.20.17

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Wed Dec 26 05:08:59 PST 2012

Release 2.20.17 (2012-12-26)
A minor update to prepare for co-operating with the kernel over managing
stability on 830gm/845g. On this pair of chipsets, the kernel will perform
an extra copy of the batchbuffer into reserved memory, which prevents them
from randomly dying. However, that extra copy does have a noticeable
impact upon throughput, so we also have a mechanism for userspace to
opt-out of the kernel workaround and take responsibility for ensuring its
batches are coherent.

 * Build fixes against xorg-1.14

 * Fixed the origin of cropped (textured) video windows (Xv and XvMC)

 * Fix potential corruption when using images larger than ~1GiB

Chris Wilson (49):
      sna: Include shm hint in render placement
      sna/trapezoids: Add another inline hint
      sna/gen6+: Apply the is_scanout to the key not value in the binding cache
      sna/gen6+: Keep the bo on its current ring
      sna/gen6+: Tweak prefer-blt-bo
      sna: Do not force use of the GPU for a copy from a SHM pixmap
      sna: Tweak the idle SHM CopyArea path to also replace a busy GPU bo
      man: Describe Option "AccelMethod"
      intel: Support debugging through AccelMethod
      sna: Only flush at the low fence wm if idle
      sna: Precompute the base set of batch-flags
      sna: Try to reuse pinned batches by inspecting the kernel busy status
      sna: Enable support for opting out of the kernel CS workaround
      sna: Limit the default upload buffer size to half the cpu cache
      sna/video: Pass along the video source offset
      uxa: Fix copy'n'paste of false not FALSE
      sna: Promote pinned-batches to run-time detection
      sna: Untangle the confusion of caching large LLC bo
      sna: Refine check for an unset context switch
      sna/gen7: Mark the ring switch before checking bo
      sna: Prefer the GPU once again for PolyPoint
      sna/xvmc: Clean up to avoid crash'n'burn
      sna/video: Fix adjustment of drawable vs source origin wrt to clip
      sna/video: Amalgamate the computation of source vs dest offsets
      sna/video: Fix up the image size for copying
      sna/video: Fix up destination offset for copying cropped textured video planes
      sna/video: Fix up copying cropped textured video packed data
      sna/video: Fix presentation of cropped sprites
      sna/gen4+: Tweak preference of GPU placement for spans
      sna/video: Remove XvMCScreenInitProc
      sna: Ignore throttling during vertex close
      sna: Do not throttle before move-to-cpu
      sna/gen4+: Amalgamate all the gen4-7 vertex buffer emission
      intel: ODEV_ATTRIB_PATH is no longer printed, so kill the temporary variable
      sna: Check the correct variable for a failed allocation
      glamor: Release the drawable after passing to glamor_push_pixels
      uxa/dri: Correct the destination of the blit after chained flip is broken
      sna/video: Assert that the frame is initialised
      sna/dri: Avoid querying the current-msc with swapbbufers wait disabled
      sna/gen5: Backport tight vertex packing for simple renderblits
      sna/gen4: Backport more recent state tracking tweaks
      sna/gen4: Backport tight vertex packing of renderblits
      sna/dri: Set the correct current_msc for the no readback path
      sna/dri: Refactor get_current_msc between blit/flip paths
      sna: Refactor test for a rotation matrix
      sna: Remove a pair of stale assertions
      sna: Remove assertions that the pixmap is wholly defined when uploading
      sna/video: Initialise alignment for video ports > 0
      2.20.17 release

git tag: 2.20.17

MD5:  b76a8ad65b3f6f2f5e0842a55abbffbd  xf86-video-intel-2.20.17.tar.bz2
SHA1: e783de38f24053618ed16d7c06b6f383c07f0661  xf86-video-intel-2.20.17.tar.bz2
SHA256: 0bf5e9bd82b2643e06503665545f5cc8c3e24ab48ca4fe84f4e9e7ebbb9e7dbc  xf86-video-intel-2.20.17.tar.bz2

MD5:  0f2d2bc9438b6038516eb2ee57ca9344  xf86-video-intel-2.20.17.tar.gz
SHA1: 3050ef82953018b4e381845de01c77fa8e286a38  xf86-video-intel-2.20.17.tar.gz
SHA256: 4787611e81a9d5ff5a840ecac7bfc52fb952cd814f3349673cbaa67d0850f52c  xf86-video-intel-2.20.17.tar.gz

Chris Wilson, Intel Open Source Technology Centre
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