Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Tue Dec 25 21:32:26 PST 2012

This snapshot adds client support for XI 2.3's pointer barrier events and

Jasper St. Pierre (1):
      Add support for pointer barrier events

Peter Hutterer (7):
      man: fix formatting issues in XGetDeviceControl(3)
      man: add generation of missing man pages for XIGrabTouchBegin
      Fix compiler warnings
      Fix const compiler warnings
      Bump to 1.6.99
      man: add man-page for XIBarrierReleasePointer

git tag: libXi-

MD5:  e8dcd93401e7d9321ce26c1b92ee84d6  libXi-
SHA1: 911811d7f8b502178bbbea5fa74325005b536903  libXi-
SHA256: 0642e6eef2e40c37cea79a22ab5f0cd3e48a57526cf1ac1128cda9369a449292  libXi-

MD5:  0340ab5fe94e42b7002f8058d3986195  libXi-
SHA1: 6a8f7e494225ebd1882765b9aa26a12dc7f6e0e1  libXi-
SHA256: 254af6beb7be37983ce4dbe98318417ff3c0e7a7fcaf3c5ce81d35e1e74aed7a  libXi-

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