[ANNOUNCE] xorg-gtest 0.7.0

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Wed Dec 19 16:22:07 PST 2012

xorg-gtest 0.7.0 is now available.

Improvements since 0.6.0:
- XORG_GTEST_XSERVER_KEEPALIVE keeps the test server running after a test
  finishes to allow for further debugging
- XORG_GTEST_USE_VALGRIND starts the server under valgrind 
- miscellaneous fixes, including slightly better documentation

Also, no more .gz tarballs.

Keith Packard (1):
      Fix CFLAGS to find correct header files

Peter Hutterer (34):
      xserver: increase timout to 3 seconds
      process: split Fork() and Start() into (optionally) two calls
      xserver: use new fork handling for signal masks
      xserver: add XORG_GTEST_XSERVER_KEEPALIVE environment variable
      xserver: shut up compiler warning
      test: add process-test-helper to gitignore
      xorg-gtest-main: fix trailing whitespace
      Expand on the default 'failed to open connection to display' error
      Drop .gz tarballs, bz2 is enough
      examples: use abs_top_srcdir to link to the config file
      test: exit(0) the xserver test after forking
      xserver: change Start() to be virtual
      xserver: make second arg to SetOption() default to ""
      xserver: add RemoveOption
      Move default log/config setting back to environment
      Make default log path configurable
      xserver: ignore SIGUSR1 in the parent after server startup
      examples: rename xorg-gtest-example to indicate it's an Environment example
      examples: add test examples for manual XServer control
      test: change USB mouse recordings file to dist_noinst_DATA
      test: conf paths must be absolute
      gtest: add gtest-spi.h header
      xserver: install default X error handler
      Add support for starting a process through valgrind
      xserver: default to -1/-1 for extension/opcode
      test: unset environment variable after use
      test: wait a bit for the server to finish
      test: restore error handler after test
      examples: Document two variables to silence doxygen
      process: drop a few SCOPED_TRACE
      process: if the wait fails because the child is still running, reset errno
      xserver: increase default Terminate/Kill timeout to 2 seconds
      xserver: usecs are usecs, not millis
      xorg-gtest 0.7.0

git tag: xorg-gtest-0.7.0

MD5:  c42a25bb8f10816cd283689f7d66460e  xorg-gtest-0.7.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: b6d515f1d884b6f8ffd80f8187a769a807ddc1f8  xorg-gtest-0.7.0.tar.bz2
SHA256: bd7fbb84d6046d70564c002a5f82d9628ad1fa2c2087738788bcdf292e03e68e  xorg-gtest-0.7.0.tar.bz2

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