[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server (1.14 RC1)

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Wed Dec 19 12:53:40 PST 2012

And, with the merge of the new Xi-based pointer barriers sequence, the
development portion of the 1.14 release process is now closed. At this
point, it's time to do a bit of testing and try to fix a few pending

Thanks to all who contributed to the 1.14 release so far.

Adam Jackson (18):
      linux: Refactor xf86{En,Dis}ableIO
      linux: Make failure to iopl non-fatal
      xfree86: Change the semantics of driverFunc(GET_REQUIRED_HW_INTERFACES)
      xfree86: Bump video ABI to 14
      os: Repack ConnectionOutput for LP64
      dix: Pull client-is-local flag up to the ClientRec
      dix: Repack ClientRec
      dix: Extend initial connection handshake for forwarding proxies
      os: Hide the Connection{In,Out}put implementation details
      dix: Fix types in WindowOptRec
      dix: Fix some indentation
      dix: Factor out MaybeDeliverMapRequest
      dix: Factor out DeliverMapNotify
      dix: Factor out DeliverUnmapNotify
      dix: Remove MapUnmapEventsEnabled and friends
      miext/damage: Only wrap into the GC ops chain if there's a listener (v3)
      configure: Stop using AM_MAINTAINER_MODE
      linux: Prefer ioctl(KDSKBMUTE, 1) over ioctl(KDSKBMODE, K_OFF)

Alan Coopersmith (2):
      Support compilers with alternate spellings of typeof
      EnableDisableExtensionError: Use ARRAY_SIZE rather than sentinel

Alexey Ten (Lynn) (1):
      Apply partial matches for option (#25873)

Benjamin Tissoires (1):
      Add missing labels for multitouch valuators

Carlos Garnacho (3):
      Sync TouchListener memory allocation with population in TouchSetupListeners()
      Xi: Update the device after delivering the emulated pointer event(#56558)
      Xi: Set modifier mask on touch events

Chase Douglas (1):
      End physically active touches when device is disabled

Chris Wilson (1):
      xf86: select a fake output for headless servers

Colin Harrison (9):
      hw/xwin: Warning fix in ProcWindowsWMFrameSetTitle()
      hw/xwin: Remove unused variables in winwindowswm.c
      hw/xwin: Remove unused variables in winvalargs.c
      hw/xwin: Remove unused variables in winwindow.c
      hw/xwin: Remove unused variable in winmultiwindowwm.c
      hw/xwin: Fix no return value warning in winClipboardProc()
      hw/xwin: fmemopen is available on cygwin but not MinGW
      hw/xwin: Disable minimize button on window with skip-taskbar state
      hw/xwin: Don't spam MotionNotify events when the mouse hasn't moved

Colin Walters (1):
      autogen.sh: Honor NOCONFIGURE=1

Daniel Drake (1):
      Xi: Don't check for TOUCH_END, it's never set

Daniel Martin (6):
      dix: Delete mibstore.c
      dix: Remove #includes of mibstore.h
      dix: Remove refs to mi backing store from docs
      dix: Delete mibstore.h
      Xi: Fix modifier swapping in XIPassiveGrabDevice
      xfixes: Fix minor number in QueryVersion

Daniel Stone (7):
      Xephyr: GLX: Support MakeContextCurrent and MakeCurrentReadSGI
      Touch: Fix duplicate TouchBegin selection with virtual devices
      Touch: Fix duplicate TouchBegin selection with virtual devices
      XKB: Remove component listing support
      Constify argument to LoadExtension
      Constify extensions in LoadExtension users
      DMX: Add DMX and GLX extensions

Dave Airlie (8):
      dri2: invalidate drawable after sharing pixmap
      xf86/platform: scan pci after probing devices
      config/udev: ignore change on drm devices
      xf86: fix multi-seat video device support. (v2)
      randr: call RRProviderInit in the proper place.
      dri1: fix dri1 startup since 459c6da0f907ba33d733c7e62a116184ba2f14e5
      Revert "xf86: Fix non-PCI configuration-less setups"
      glx/dri2: initialise api to avoid indirect rendering failing randomly

Denys Vlasenko (1):
      os: fix typo in OsSigHandler() error message

Frederic Plourde (1):
      Add glXCreateNewContext support in Xephyr #54798

Jason Gerecke (1):
      Fix additional gcc -Wwrite-strings warning in xf86 ddx

Jasper St. Pierre (20):
      cursor: Fix a minor unused variable warning
      cursor: CreatePointerBarrier has a variable request length
      cursor: Clean up pointer barrier creation code a tiny bit
      cursor: Clean up barrier finding code a bit
      cursor: Fix up implementation for per-device barriers
      cursor: Revise edge cases for the pointer moving towards barriers
      cursor: Move pointer barrier code over to XI
      barriers: Don't loop over the server to destroy a barrier
      barriers: Switch to an explicit hook for barrier constrainment
      barriers: Switch to finding the nearest barrier client
      barriers: Reindent the constrainment hook
      Add support for XI2.3: Pointer barrier events and releases.
      barriers: Add support for edge cases when releasing barriers
      barriers: Add a couple pixels of elbow room for the hit detection
      barriers: Increment event ID on hit box leave
      barriers: Send a BarrierLeave event when we leave the hitbox
      barriers: Clean up code
      barriers: Send an XI_BarrierLeave event when a barrier is destroyed
      barriers: Replace complex intersection test with simpler math
      barriers: Support line and ray barriers

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia (5):
      XQuartz: Avoid a possible deadlock with DRI on OS X 10.7.5 and OS X 10.8.2
      XQuartz: Add some verbose logging to debug xp_lock_window being unbalanced
      XQuartz: Opt-in to NSSupportsAutomaticGraphicsSwitching
      XQuartz: Revert some unfortunate auto-indenting mishaps with our super-nested for-loops
      XQuartz: Don't add the 15bit visual any more

Jon TURNEY (47):
      Correct description of -displayfd option in man page.
      hw/xwin: Only add GLX extension once.
      Fix compilation of Xorg DDX without XF86VIDMODE
      Fix 'make distcheck' for hw/xwin
      hw/xwin: Remove completely unused winregistry.c
      hw/xwin: Fix redundant declaration warnings in winmonitors.c
      hw/xwin: Fix redundant declaration in winprefs.c
      hw/xwin: Fix various warnings in code generated by lex/yacc
      hw/xwin: Fix redundant declaration in winclipboardinit.c
      hw/xwin: Fix redundant declaration in winclipboardthread.c
      hw/xwin: Fix redundant declarations in winclipboardwrappers.c
      hw/xwin: Fix redundant declarations in winmultiwindowwm.c
      hw/xwin: Remove obsolete redundant declarations of winPushPixels()
      hw/xwin: Fix using system as a local variable in winCheckMount() shadows system()
      hw/xwin: Fix using index as a formal parameter in winmonitors.c shadows index()
      hw/xwin: Fix using index as a local variable shadows index()
      hw/xwin: Fix using index as a formal parameter in winscrinit.c shadows index()
      hw/xwin: Fix using index as a formal parameter shadows index()
      hw/xwin: Fix using menu as a formal parameter shadows a global variable of the same name
      hw/xwin: Fix using screenInfo as a formal parameter to InitOutput() shadows a global declaration
      hw/xwin/glx: Fix using Mask as a formal parameter shadows a global typedef of the same name
      hw/xwin: Fix shadowed local variables in winLoadCursor()
      hw/xwin: Fix shadowed local variable i in HandleCustomWM_COMMAND()
      hw/xwin: Fix some of the warnings in generated gl wrapper code
      hw/xwin: Fix warning about discarding const in initializing winKBLayouts
      hw/xwin: Use char strings in winClipboardUNIXtoDOS for consistency with the rest of the clipboard code
      hw/xwin: Use X_ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF where suggested for winerror.c
      hw/xwin: Use X_ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF where suggested for winmsg.c
      Use X_ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF where suggested for os.h
      doc: Update documentation about Windows platforms support a bit
      hw/xwin: Link with libdxguid rather than defining the DirectX GUIDs ourselves
      hw/xwin: Remove pointless winFinishCreateWindowsWindowDDNL()
      hw/xwin: Wrap 'Status' when including ddraw.h
      hw/xwin: Show any fatal error message
      hw/xwin: Report which drawing engines are being enabled when checking for support
      hw/xwin: Avoid logging an extra blank line if BUILDERSTRING is empty
      hw/xwin: Allow XScreenSaverSuspend() to effect Windows screen saver or monitor power off
      hw/xwin: Fix function name in log message
      hw/xwin: Give our logical xor operator a more logical name
      hw/xwin: Enable RANDR resize by default
      hw/xwin: Add a simple interface to the ITaskbarList COM interface
      hw/xwin: Process _NET_WM_STATE_SKIP_TASKBAR hint in multiwindow mode.
      hw/xwin: Ensure we own the clipboard before checking the format of it's contents
      hw/xwin: Use pre-computed extent of damage for creating GDI region
      hw/xwin: Don't log all fbConfigs and GL/WGL extensions
      os/utils.c: Fix compilation of OsBlockSIGIO when SIGIO isn't defined
      dix/dispatch.c, os/utils.c: Disable smart scheduler on WIN32

Julien Cristau (1):
      Revert "kinput: allocate enough space for null character."

Keith Packard (5):
      xf86: fix compat output selection for no output GPUs
      Set version to 1.14 development branch (
      Fix FlushClient to write extraBuf when provided (regression fix)
      os: Don't re-declare ConnectionInputPtr and ConnectionOutputPtr
      Update to version (1.14 RC1)

Lionel Elie Mamane (1):
      dix: fix Ungrab action #55785

Michel Dänzer (1):
      EXA: Track source/mask pixmaps more explicitly for Composite fallback regions.

Oliver Schmidt (1):
      hw/xwin: Restore non-latching modifier key state when an X window gains focus

Peter Hutterer (48):
      dix: set the device transformation matrix
      dix: fix crash on XI 1.x grabs on disabled devices.  (#54934)
      mi: drop two useless conditions in miPointerSetPosition
      xfree86: add xf86UpdateDesktopDimensions()
      dix: fix crash on shutdown if a disabled device is still grabbed (XI1 grab)
      xkb: ProcesssPointerEvent must work on the VCP if it gets the VCP
      Xi: set xChangeDeviceControlReply.status to Success by default
      Xi: don't deliver TouchEnd to a client waiting for TouchBegin (#55738)
      dix: fix zaphod screen scrossing (#54654)
      xfree86: remove unused variable sigstate
      dix: don't allow disabling XTest devices
      input: drop FP1616 macro
      xfixes: let PointerBarrierClient->device_ids point to allocated memory
      When resetting device idle time, reset XIAll(Master)Devices too (#56649)
      xkb: fill in keycode and event type for slow keys enablement
      dix: use pixman for fp1616 conversions
      xkb: always post XTest button up when the physical button released (#28808)
      xkb: only post a XTest release if the XTest device has the button down
      include: fix comment
      Xi: fix typo "mechansims" → "mechanisms"
      dix: don't call ProcessInputEvents() when accepting/rejecting touches
      dix: only reject active grabs on ungrab and do it before actually ungrabbing
      dix: when deactivating pointer-only grabs, don't emulate TouchEnd events
      Xi: if a TouchEnd appears on a actively grabbing client, always accept
      dix: add FIXME, TouchRemovePointerGrab does nothing
      dix: split xi2_mask_isset into a per-device function
      Xi: fix touch event selction conflicts (#57301)
      barriers: Don't allow destroying other client's barriers
      barriers: Don't allow releasing the pointer on other client's barriers
      Pass the event list through to the pointer barrier code to return it
      Xi: fill in barrier root x/y after clamping to RandR outputs
      dix: skip delivery if it's not the right pointer barrier client
      dix: handle barrier events properly when converting to core/XI 1.x
      dix: ignore barrier events in FixUpEventFromWindow
      Xi: deliver barrier events as grabbed events where necessary
      Xi: if the device is currently grabbed, flag the barrier event
      mi: rename mipointer's internal event list
      Require inputproto
      tests/xi2: at protocol conversion test for barrier events
      Xi: swap sequence number and evtype in barrier events
      Xi: fix swapping for barrier events
      xfree86: print message to the log when zapping the server
      Xi: don't use devices after removing them
      Xi: fix per-device barrier handling
      Xi: don't store the window pointer in barriers, store the window ID
      Xi: if a MD is removed, send a barrier leave event (if applicable)
      dix: don't allow overriding a grab with a different type of grab (#58255)
      dix: don't copy the wrong event mask when activating a passive grab

Raphael Kubo da Costa (1):
      vfb: Initialize the GLX extension again.

Rob Clark (1):
      hw/dmx: fix build without GLX

Ryan Pavlik (3):
      os/utils.c: Provide only stubs for Lock/UnlockServer on WIN32
      os/osinit.c, os/utils.c: Exclude sigaction code when building for MinGW
      os/osinit.c: no getpgrp() and setpgrp() on WIN32

Sjoerd Simons (1):
      Ephyr: Find the right host screen when embedded

Stephan Schreiber (1):
      int10: fix pci_device_read_rom usage

Sybren van Elderen (1):
      hw/dmx: add update_desktop_dimensions() call

Søren Sandmann Pedersen (1):
      Use new pixman_glyph_cache_t API that will be in pixman 0.28.0

Thierry Reding (2):
      xf86: Fix build against recent Linux kernel
      xf86: Fix non-PCI configuration-less setups

Thomas Jaeger (5):
      remove init_event
      Update the MD's position when a touch event is received
      Don't use GetTouchEvents when replaying events
      Don't use GetTouchEvents in EmitTouchEnd
      Simplify GetTouchEvents

Tobias Häußler (1):
      hw/xwin: Add correct taskbar grouping of X windows on Windows 7

Yaakov Selkowitz (19):
      Configure fixes for MinGW
      macros: clarify documentation
      xfree86: os-support: fix old-style function definition warnings
      dix: fix redundant redeclaration warnings in dixfont
      dix: fix shadow warnings
      fb: fix shadow warnings
      mi: fix shadow warnings
      randr: export more provider property symbols
      render: fix shadow warnings
      xkb: fix shadow warnings
      Xext: fix unused variable warnings in xf86bigfont.c
      Xext: fix redundant redeclaration warnings
      Xext: fix shadow warnings
      Xi: fix fprint format warning
      os: Add libnettle as a choice of SHA1 implementation
      hw/xwin: Enable AIGLX by default
      hw/xwin: use raise() instead of kill()
      hw/xwin: Fix for MinGW-w64 DirectDraw headers
      Fix formatting of address operators

Yufeng Shen (1):
      dix: fix scale_to_desktop for edge ABS events

Yuly Novikov (1):
      dix: Save touchpoint last coordinates before transform. #49347

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5:  555f4473f8aa016e910b46374019a33d  xorg-server-
SHA1: b4450f7c22620d2f38c7e7ce915815b6aab56814  xorg-server-
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