[ANNOUNCE] xinput 1.5.4

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Wed Dec 21 16:36:49 PST 2011

One fix required for xinput to work when compiled against newer inputproto
headers. Without this fix, xinput will check the server for whichever the
current protocol version is (or higher) and fail if that version is not

If you are updating the inputproto headers to 2.1 or a 2.2RC, you will need
this update.

Peter Hutterer (2):
      list: don't use defines for checking server version.
      xinput 1.5.4

git tag: xinput-1.5.4

MD5:  69cd4dea77915b87c106003668378749  xinput-1.5.4.tar.bz2
SHA1: 4e77f4034aa4bc720726beb0795d77a47a71d2c8  xinput-1.5.4.tar.bz2
SHA256: a8da86f0d7c8ac0c4434e3140ae7f208fc2b35869e5adf10971eef7cb77f4360  xinput-1.5.4.tar.bz2

MD5:  f6b165d11d7c46b7113aaa9ecc380d51  xinput-1.5.4.tar.gz
SHA1: 82a3f64f8ec2cca2c1f22247367004727a41864f  xinput-1.5.4.tar.gz
SHA256: ffdee8ae80e1ad62f266f4e537a9809920fbfca670185cd9131d4896d6fd5035  xinput-1.5.4.tar.gz

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