Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Wed Dec 21 15:58:48 PST 2011

A rather small set of changes, the XI 2.2 additions are all in just one
patch instead of a set of them. Grab this one if you want to start testing
multitouch features (once the server is there).

Peter Hutterer (3):
      Bump to
      Implement support for XI 2.2

git tag: libXi-

MD5:  b0719f6be5eda663a0a1fbac5aa00c76  libXi-
SHA1: 7c1be5426297889daac91c0d669200ea3ec93582  libXi-
SHA256: 855e91bc7bd61b2870373bf3b081eb76bd320e2104c4ee7b5018473092d76e5c  libXi-

MD5:  831824136b92c2a4147b6d02d950aa49  libXi-
SHA1: 1883ffd78db9f5e70322ed6f551e43fbaea275d9  libXi-
SHA256: 90443bd649f38828f5b71d4fd842f5b735d26c110d540f39349a8bcb858c27b2  libXi-

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