Why does zenity ignore my X resources file?

a qi free4machine at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 23:56:41 PST 2010


I want to  pop up a zenity dialog by shell scripts,  and specified the
size/position of the dialog.

here is my   .Xresources :

Zenity.geometry:             80x36+80+80
Zenity.background:           black
Zenity.foreground:           black

But zenity seems ignore  Xresource file ,  poped up in the center,
with full screen size .

SO, my question is :How can my shell script control the placement /
size  of a zenity window?

any suggestion or help will be appreciated

BTW:   my  windown manager  is   musca , not  gnome .

       zenity is a program that will display GTK+ dialogs, and return
(either in the return code, or on standard out‐
       put) the users input. This allows you to present information,
and ask for information from the user, from  all
       manner of shell scripts.


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