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Thomas Dickey dickey at
Sun Nov 28 17:01:38 PST 2010

   2010/11/28 -
     * use   script  from  xterm  to  reduce  unneeded  library
       dependencies, e.g., from fontenc's buggy package script.
     * eliminate quoted- and duplicate-includes.
     * make  -g0  and  similar  options actually work, by adding checks in
     * add messages for the repeated -v option, to show which parts of the
       font-encoding configuration fail, for troubleshooting.
     * add configure option --disable-leaks, etc.
     * add configure option --enable-trace.
     * add configure option --enable-iconv, to use GNU iconv, which is far
       more portable than fontenc.
          + Initially,   this   supports  single-byte  encodings  such  as
          + DEC  special  and  technical  character sets are supported via
            custom tables.
     * use  static  variables  and  functions consistently, where external
       linkage is not required.
     * updated configure script macros, e.g., to deprecate shell syntax no
       longer supported by bash.
     * modify  manpage  to use "misc" category for the miscellaneous Linux
       manpages  cited  in the "SEE ALSO" section, prompted by xorg change
       for 1.1.0 version.
       Aside  from that (and some cosmetic changes to C source, as well as
       providing   a   different  configure  script),  and  omitting  this
       change-log, the xorg 1.1.0 is the same as the 2010/6/1 version. Its
       release notes state:

     This   release   includes   these   changes   from  Thomas  Dickey's
          + add -alias option to allow override of locale.alias pathname.
          + improve fix waitForInput as suggested in Freedesktop #26383.
          + fix warnings from clang --analyze

Thomas E. Dickey
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